5 easy ways to connect with nature

We all know of the benefits of time in nature, it calms the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety, while increasing a sense of calm and relaxation, building self esteem and confidence. Not to mention the vitamin D and increased physical movement. But how practical or easy is it to actually incorporate this time into […]

How is your Self Esteem?

How much do you like yourself on a scale of 1 – 10? Think about that for a moment. Should we not all be answering ten? Not many people do, actually. But we are not born this way, this happens over time. How we interpret the world, where we fit in it, what happens to […]

What actually is hypnotherapy?

When I say the word hypnotherapy, what comes to mind? A ticking clock? 1,2,3 you’re back in the room? Or cluck, cluck, cluck? I wouldn’t blame you if it was, we’ve been used to hypnosis being used on the stage as entertainment. Seeing those ‘volunteers’ up there, essentially being made fun of, for our viewing […]